Chicago Picasso Statue


Walking Poem
"the big steel sculpture
that looks at once
like a bird and a woman"
- Chicago Sun-Times, 8/15/67
Jennifer Karmin is collecting writing about walking in cities and creating a WALKING POEM. On October 25th at 12pm, she will start walking from Chicago's Picasso statue and navigate the city using the collected writing as her map. Once read outloud, each piece will be given away to passing pedestrians. A gesture similar to Pablo Picasso's, who gave his sculpture as a "gift to the people of Chicago" and refused a fee for this work. Writing for this project may be submitted through October 23, 2006. The writing may take any shape or form — poem, story, essay, letter, etc. All writing will considered for a 2007-08 publication. Writers should send published or unpublished writing along with one direction (forward, backwards, right or left) and one number (1 - 92, Picasso's age at death). Submissions may be emailed as a word attachment with the subject WALKING POEM to
Chicago Picasso Statue
Daley Plaza
50 W Washington St