Tristan James

Tristan James creates revolutionary triphop, performing with electronic and acoustic instruments while incorporating radical political messages. Listeners will hear traces of jazz, and salvaged relics from UK garage, drum and bass, and industrial music. Music is his passion, but liberation is his life mission. He's a community organizer, and educator, as well as a music producer and musician. Tristan James takes the helm of the new label, Proletariat Productions, as head producer and recording engineer.

Tristan, 23, was born in Canada and has lived in London, LA, Memphis, St. Louis, and Chicago. Tristan grew up in the rave scene performing throughout the Midwest. As a kid, his clashes with the law drove him into politics and social awareness. He grew determined to get an education at any cost. He is now a classically trained musician/composer and also has a degree in audio engineering. Thanks to his past influences and study of politics, philosophy, and music, he now considers himself to be a revolutionary artist and writer, striving to create real social change.

Tristan also manages an online music journal called United Front and publishes a podcast around the journal. He interviews musicians, artists, activists and others, in an attempt to understand and promote the revolutionary artists movement.

Some of Tristan's influences are Tricky, Portishead, Nine Inch Nails, The Coup, Rage Against the Machine, Tribe Called Quest, and JJ Johnson.