Larry O. Dean

Larry O. Dean was born and raised in Flint, Michigan. As a young man, he worked with Academy Award-winning filmmaker, Michael Moore, was widely published in the alternative press and also worked as a cartoonist. He attended the University of Michigan at Flint and Ann Arbor, during which time he won three Hopwood Awards in Creative Writing. Although a card- carrying college graduate, he is non-academic both by choice and temperament, and makes his living outside the pedagogical realm. In addition to writing, he is a singer and songwriter, working both solo as well as with several pop bands, currently, The Injured Parties. He has released numerous critically-acclaimed CD's, including Fables in Slang (2001) with Post Office, and Gentrification is Theft (2002) with The Me Decade.

He is author of chapbooks, Rate of Exchange & Other Poems (1988); Barking Up the Wrong Tree (1989); QWERTYUIOP (1989); Eyes, Ears, Nose & Throat (1990); Workers' Comp. (1995); Identity Theft for Dummies (2003); and I Am Spam (2004), a series of poems "inspired" by spam email. Selected magazine publications include The Berkeley Poetry Review, Gryphon, Passages North, Third Lung Review, The Altered Mind, Lilliput Review, Amaranth Review, Kumquat Meringue, California Quarterly, The Monona Review, Whoreson Dog, Pacific Coast Journal, Tomorrow, Poetry at the 33 Review, Work, Strong Coffee, Maelstrom, Clark Street Review, Red Rock Review, Big Bridge, Pigeon, The Banana King, and Black Creek Review. His work has also been widely anthologized.

Larry was a 2004 recipient of the Hands on Stanzas Gwendolyn Brooks Award, presented by the Poetry Center of Chicago.

After living in San Francisco for over a decade, he makes his home in Chicago.

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