John Martinez

John Martinez is a writer, but mainly a poet, and has been slogging about in the Chicago literary scene for over 15 years. He has published 3 books of poetry, his first book being "Street Preachers, Hookers and Other Martyrs," and was widely received coast to coast in 2000. He is currently putting together a anthology book of poems taken from his first three books as well as other unpublished poems tentatively titled 'John Martinez: The First Ten-Thousand Years,' to be released sometime in late 2006.

He has performed and has been a featured reader at poetry venues, art exhibits and on the street in literary festivals all over the country. He has been the host of three poetry venues in Chicago, and all three of the venues have been closed due to lack of interest (as well as the places that held the venues themselves.) He has guest-hosted all over Chicago, and most of them are still open.