Inouk Touzin

Director, actor, writer, lighting designer, teacher, Inouk holds an honours degree in theatre from the University of Ottawa. He has practiced theatre in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British-Columbia and Taiwan. He is currently writing his first play, Inc., and has just directed the reading of La Danse des 7 voiles in Toronto. His previous accomplishments include: Jesus Lives, (Lead) an outdoor theatre play in Saskatchewan, 5 ans (stage manager and lighting designer) a new play performed in Saskatchewan and Alberta, Jean et Béatrice (directing workshop), which won the franco-canadian production award from the prestigious soirée des masques. Inouk has also been teaching drama in classrooms and for workshops for over 10 years. He has worked with over fifty schools and organzations, and has taught thousands of participants. He was sent by the Canadian Commission for the UNESCO to the Lisbon World Conference on Artistic Education organized by UNESCO. He has worked as an actor for Dramamuse, the resident theatre company of the Canadian Museum of Civilisations.