Eric Glick Rieman

SF Bay Area composer/improviser Eric Glick Rieman performs improvised and previously structured music in several settings, both solo and in groups - most recently Lung Tree (Glick Rieman, Lesli Dalaba, and Stuart Dempster, RER Megacorp release in 11/05) and the Mills College Contemporary Performance Ensemble.

Rieman writes for piano and for ensembles, and his work for the 'prepared and extended Rhodes piano' is featured in this performance. He manipulates his Rhodes to create otherworldly textures not normally associated with the instrument, using mallets, bones, rocks, screws, brushes, finger puppets, marbles, and other household objects.

He has recorded with Fred Frith (of Henry Cow, Naked City, Keep the Dog), Lesli Dalaba (2005 Tzadik solo release "Timelines", Jeff Greinke's Land, Elliot Sharp's Carbon), Carla Kihlstedt (Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Tin Hat Trio, Two Foot Yard), and Stuart Dempster (Merce Cunningham Dance Troupe, Deep Listening Band). He has performed with Ikue Mori, Sudhu Tewari (Normal), Marcos Fernandes, Amy Denio, Matt Ingalls, Wadada Leo Smith, JD Parran, Kristin Miltner, and John Ingle, and he has performed the work of Meredith Monk, Fred Frith, Cecil Taylor, Alvin Curran, Pauline Oliveros, Terry Riley, and James Tenney under the composers' supervision.

In March of 2005 he received a Subito grant from the San Francisco Chapter of the American Composer's Forum to present the piece "Presentism2" at the 8th annual Music for People and Thingamajigs Festival in Oakland, CA. He is also a board member of the Thingamajigs Foundation.

Three CDs featuring Glick Rieman's work are available: Lung Tree, a CD of both open and previously structured improvisations was released last month on ReR (UK), with Glick Rieman (piano, prepared Rhodes, modular synthesizer), Lesli Dalaba (trumpet), and Stuart Dempster (trombone, didgeridoo, and toys). DalabaFrithGlickRiemanKihlstedt was released in 2003 on San Diego's Accretions label. This is a group of improvisations with Lesli Dalaba (trumpet), Fred Frith (guitar), and Carla Kihlstedt (violin). DalabaFrithGlickRiemanKihlstedt was chosen as one of 2003's best releases on by Laurence Donohue - Greene,'s managing editor. Ten to the Googolplex, a solo Rhodes recording, was released by Accretions in 2001. Soon to be released on Accretions(12/06) is Thieves of Silence/Silence, an electro-acoustic adventure with collaborator Jeff Karsin.

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