David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a musician, painter and filmmaker living in Chicago. He is the leader of the band Hawk, whose breakthrough album "Princess America" garnered rave reviews around the world and heavy radio airplay nationally and in Europe, and whose follow-up is due out in early 2007. David is also involved in various other musical projects, including Be, heavily orchestrated "baroque folk" music in the vein of Nick Drake, Big Sun Love, Exile-influenced acoustic rock with Chicago musician Andrew Robb, The Numina Ensemble, avant-garde/improvised free jazz with ex-Hal Russell NRG drummer Ed Ludwig, and The Room, semi-improvised angular rock.

Hawkins' artwork is influenced by such modern masters as Cy Twombly, Mark Rothko, and Paul Klee, and deals with the nature of symbols and their relationship to the meaning attached to them. His long-standing interest in the work of Swiss psychologist/philosopher Carl Gustav Jung plays heavily into his work as well, with his emphasis on the unconscious mind as the source of meaning through not only dreams, but also of sacred texts.

Hawkins' filmmaking explores the relationship between the internal and external worlds.

For Chicago Calling, Hawkins will be painting live to his friend and past collaborator Andrew Morgan's composition and in an improvised collaboration with musicians at the Hamlin Park Fieldhouse.

Hawkins studied visual art at Illinois Wesleyan University and received a Master's degree at Northwestern University. To find out more about him, visit www.davehawkins.net.