David Harrison Horton

photo: Liu Shasha

David Harrison Horton is an artist, curator, and writer. His paintings, sculptures, sound installations and videos have been exhibited in New York, Berlin, Paris, and San Francisco. He has done performance-based pieces in such venues as the Hot House in Chicago, Catharine Clark Gallery in San Francisco, 21 Grand in Oakland California, UNLV and the University of Virginia. He curated the BorderBend Intermedia Performance series in Oakland, California from 2000-01 and the Salon Salon Reading and Performance Series in Oakland in 2002. He has written art criticism for Art Papers, Art on Paper, ArtWeek, Map Magazine, and Lifepaper (where he was a contributing editor from 2002-05). He is the author of the prose poetry chapbook Pete Hoffman Days (Pinball 2003) and his creative writing has been published in such journals as Denver Quarterly, The Oregon Review, and Five Fingers Review.

To find out more about David, please visit unionherald.blogspot.com.