Craig Christie

For the past twelve years Craig has worked as an independent producer in the area of theatre for schools. Under the banner of his company No Mates Productions with programs which both entertain and educate, these innovative productions have toured extensively throughout Australia and internationally. More than twenty have been produced since 1991 playing to a total audience of over 750,000 including the Frater Award winning primary school productions Shiver Me Timbers and Knock Knock! Who's There?

Craig's work as a playwright for young people has resulted in the publication of ten of his plays which have been used extensively in primary and secondary schools. His most recent publication Where's Tom? is part of the Voiceworks series which won the Drama Victoria award for The Best New Australian Series for Teachers and Students 2001 and has recently been released in Canada. Other publications have included feature articles in Drama journals in Australia, the UK and Kenya, an early primary school textbook linking literacy and basic math concepts and a book of humorous children's verse.

As a composer Craig has created or co-composed several musicals. His show Crusade has the distinction of being the largest concert production of an original Australian musical when it premiered at the Melbourne Concert Hall in 1998. This show has since gone on to be produced in Edinburgh in 2000 where it was reviewed as '.the next Les Miserables and is currently in pre-production for a major commercial season. He composes all of the original music for his theatre for school productions as well and has had works commissioned by the Singapore Science Centre, LaTrobe University and a number of other organisations. He completed a major new musical The White Rose for Monash University which premiered in Melbourne in September 2003 and subsequently toured Singapore. Other works include the cabaret musical After The Beep and a new show entitled The Sum Of Life. The new comedy EUROBEAT - the Eurovision Musical became the first Australian musical with an original score to be given a national tour in twenty years when it undertook the 2006 tour and has excited a lot of attention internationally.

Craig has developed, written and produced a number of exciting community performance projects both in Australia and overseas including the acclaimed musical Right Where We Are for LaTrobe University in 2002 and Water Into Wine for the Sunrise 21 Artist in Industry project in 2000. He has also been artist in residence at a number of schools some of which have resulted in international tours for the students involved. He has been involved as artist in residence and later artistic coordinator for the George Fairfax Memorial Drama Festival involving young people throughout the North West of Victoria since 1998.

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