Clifton Ingram

Born November 1st, 1983, growing up in the North East Kingdom of Vermont, Clifton Ingram's relationship with music did not deviate from the normal adolescent path until the 4th Grade, when he began to study an instrument (in this case, the clarinet) like many of his classmates. A year later, music became a more prominent activity, when Ingram joined an english hand bell choir. From these experiences, he learned how to read music and how to function in a group setting. In junior high, Ingram discovered an outlet for his "growing pains" in the alternative rock scene of the 90s. Following this epiphany, in the 8th Grade, for Christmas his father bought him an acoustic guitar, which soon took precedence over the clarinet and hand bells. Involvement in a cover band soon evolved into Ingram and his friends writing and playing their own music (as best they could), an activity which was greatly influenced by the contemporary post/math rock of their high school days, which continually acted as a window to more fringe music. Temporarily disenchanted with the "dogmatic process" of playing classical repertoire, Ingram wished to employ his acquired skill at guitar towards jazz music, which led to a period of self taught theory and to attempts at improvisation. Eventually, at Skidmore College, Ingram would study guitar, improvisation, and composition, encouraged by Chuck D'Aloia, notably a talented sideman of the late saxophonist Nick Brignola, eventually leading to a diploma in May of 2006. Upon graduation, Clifton Ingram moved to Chicago to pursue music. He can be heard on a track on the album "Handwriting" by electronic friend/musician, Khonnor, providing some vocals and guitar, and recently has been experimenting with electronic music, playing free improvisational music, and writing a string quartet.