Christopher Perri

Drummer, songwriter, producer, engineer. Well known Philly emcee, Oaxerai comes full circle and lends his drumming experience to this group. In addition, his background as a producer and beat-maker molds the strong rhythmic orientation of the music. Christopher strives to stretch the boundaries of what has traditionally been known as hip hop. His influences include jazz, reggae, funk, soul, R&B and traditional music of the world. A true do-it-yourselfer, Christopher could be described in countless ways. Over the last ten years, he performed in numerous groups as a rapper or drummer, and produced or co-produced eight CD releases. His poetic philosophy, production, and spoken words are experimental and innovative. His messages are both positive and provocative and his performances are energetic. Self-taught on the drums, Christopher's beats are steady, and his rhythms move with the mood of the music.